Qvevri White 2019

Qvevri White 2019

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A beautiful white wine made with a blend of Bacchus and Pinot Blanc grapes. It is a bright hazy gold colour with a slightly smoky nose with melon and peach. For the taste think lovely stone fruits with an earthy mineral finish offered by the Qvervi. 

If you haven't heard of of the term Qvervi yet - these are large earthenwares that some wine makers use for the traditional fermentation process, typically found in Georgia. They're egg-shaped and are buried below ground or set into floors. This wine in particular fermented in the Qvervi for 6 months before being pumped out into stainless steel tanks. 

A natural wine that has been wild fermented with zero filtration and fining. Vegan-friendly. 

750ml Bottle
10% ABV