O'Briens Dark Beers Mixed Box (10 Beers)
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O'Briens Dark Beers Mixed Box (10 Beers)

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There's nothing finer than a really really good stout, a moreish porter and an interesting dark IPA. We've some pretty good ones in stock at the moment - here's some of our favourites packed together in a mixed case for you to sample.

Included in this box is:

1. Plentiful Rains Black IPA by Left Handed Giant - 6.5% ABV
2. Flat White Breakfast Stout by Alphabet Brewing Company - 7.4% ABV
3. Brownie Pints Milk Stout by Brew York - 7.5% ABV
4. Pharmaceutical Stimulant Coffee Milk Stout by Flowerhorn Brewery - 6.3% ABV
5. Porter by Partizan Brewing - 5.5% ABV
6. Cafe Coretto Stout by Exale Brewing - 7.3% ABV
7. Last Train Oatmeal Stout by Fourpure - 5.1% ABV
8. Munich Dunkel Dark Lager by Orbit Beers - 5% ABV
9. SYL Black IPA by First Chop - 6.2% ABV
10. Kodiak Imperial American Brown - 7.9% ABV