Whinestone BA Farmhouse Ale w/ Gorse Flowers
Fyne Ales

Whinestone BA Farmhouse Ale w/ Gorse Flowers

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New from our friends Fyne Ales up in Scotland, Whinestone BA farmhouse ale with gorse flowers. What's a gorse flower you ask? It's a thorny plant native to Scotland that has bright yellow flowers and a floral coconut and almond flavour. So you know it's going to taste good in a beer! It's small-batch and fermented in oak with a Norwegian kveik yeast strain, before refermentation with lactobacillus and foraged gorse from the Glen Fyne hillside local to the brewery. Gose like sourness, fruity and botanical flavours with a soft vanilla to finish from the oak. Vegan-Friendly.

375ml Bottle
6.2% ABV