The O'Briens Paper Sign Charity Food Bank Raffle
The O'Briens Paper Sign Charity Food Bank Raffle
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The O'Briens Paper Sign Charity Food Bank Raffle

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Welcome to TOBPSCFBR or The O'Briens Paper Sign Charity Food Bank Raffle!

The amazingly talented signwriter Third Eye Signs, from Leeds, has made two one-off hand painted paper signs for us featuring some of our classic O'Briens mottos.

We have decided to raffle them off and give all the money to a local food bank called The Welcome centre here in Huddersfield. Read more about them below.

How does it work I hear you ask?

Well you can enter as many times as you like, the more entries the more chance you have of winning.

Each 'ticket' costs £1, and that will secure your name being entered into the raffle.

Two signs up for grabs (see pictures to the left)!

The raffle closes on 31st Jan at 12:30pm and we'll announce the winners shortly after. There will be much fanfare and ceremony around this of course so check back on our Instagram & Facebook pages around that time.

You can buy a ticket alongside your normal beer order, or you can just buy a load of tickets on their own if you're doing the whole no drinking for Jan thing.

We will pick the winner at random through the age old raffle method.

More about The Welcome Centre Below

All money donated will go towards The Welcome Centre in Huddersfield - a local food bank that helps local families and individuals in crisis with food, toiletries and other essential items.

Find more about what they do here: